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Transforming Agriculture towards Sustainability

The concern over the excessive use of pesticides and chemical fertilizers has emerged as a significant threat to human health and ecological balance. In response to this growing awareness, consumers are demanding more responsible agricultural practices that respect the natural environment.

Our biofactory emerges as an essential pillar in the transformation of agriculture towards sustainability, focusing on drastically reducing dependence on pesticides and chemical fertilizers in key crops such as rice, banana, palm, grasses, and watermelons. Its strategic plan unfolds with emphasis on various crucial areas.

Production of Fungi and Bacteria

The biofactory excels in the production of beneficial fungi and bacteria, harnessing select microorganisms to promote soil health and crop resilience against diseases.

Production of Microbial Metabolites:

In line with the latest trends in sustainable agriculture, priority is given to the production of microbial metabolites that act as biostimulants, enhancing plant nutrition and their ability to withstand adverse conditions.

Production of Organic Fertilizers and Their Application:

The biofactory is committed to the production of high-quality organic fertilizers, distinguished for their effectiveness in improving soil fertility and promoting healthy plant growth. Additionally, it focuses on developing efficient application methods.

Products for Water and Seed Treatment:

The biofactory not only addresses plant nutrition but also concerns itself with water and seed quality. It develops innovative products for treating water used in agrochemical mixing and for improving seed quality, ensuring a more comprehensive and sustainable agricultural cycle.

Precision Management of Soil Fertilizers and Fertigation:

The biofactory embraces the digital revolution in agriculture through precision management of soil fertilizers and fertigation, optimizing nutrient delivery to plants and reducing waste, while improving resource efficiency.

Monitoring of the Quality of Agrochemical Use:

A rigorous monitoring system is implemented to evaluate the quality and effectiveness of the agrochemicals used, ensuring that benefits are maximized while minimizing negative impacts on the environment.

Production of Foliar Products:

The biofactory ventures into the production of high-quality foliar products, designed to enhance nutrient absorption through the leaves and strengthen plant resistance to stress factors.

Research and Development of New Technologies:

In a continuous commitment to innovation, Biofactory invests significantly in research and development of new sustainable agricultural technologies, anticipating and addressing emerging challenges in the field.

Our biofactory not only positions itself as a key player in reducing the environmental footprint of agriculture but also leads the way towards a more holistic and sustainable approach to food production in Costa Rica and globally.

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